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Have you ever wanted to reduce your footprint, and go on a trip that not only brings inspiration to your life but also is aligned with your values to the environment and society?

Our Stellar Anina is such a nomad that to be honest, she is exceedingly difficult to catch for an interview because she is always travelling!

Anina is the founder of The World Within Us, which is a travel organizer and non-profit organization that maps every trip with one or more Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the UN. She partners with local initiatives as well to offer an authentic experience that supports their positive social and environmental impact.

The travel industry is one huge supply chain that involves many business partners. For each journey that a traveler goes on, there are so many touchpoints that require the travel manager to line up, and partnership is critical to their success. Coincidently, to achieve a huge impact, partnership is one of the key ingredients – So important that it forms part of the key pillars in the Myth movement.

What makes The World Within Us unique is that they have incorporated other impact-makers at each destination, be it partnering with organizations that help improve pollution and waste issues at destination or empowering local communities. This allows Anina to make a larger impact every time someone travels with her. As one of the Myth motto goes:

“If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together.”

African proverb

So let’s see what kind of destination we can go with The World Within Us and make an impact together!

Anina can take us on a luxurious holiday in Egypt, learning the wonders of the ancient world whilst promoting SDG #5 – gender equality

Or a precious wildlife experience to Tanzania, with an authentic experience in staying in a sustainable Amini Maasai lodge whilst learning more and supporting the community with their solar energy initiative, contributing towards SDG #7- affordable and clean energy.

How does it sound to awake your soul and wake up at the Himalaya mountainous as you walk through the city of Kathmandu, Nepal.
Breath in the vibrant energy from Brazil?

Today, virtually we explore the mystic and magically healing destination of Bali with the itinerary that Adina has designed. We chose Bali because this itinerary let’s us soak into the world of spiritual wellbeing whilst addressing two important challenges SDG #14- Life below water and #15 – Life on land.

This trip is full of fuel for the mind and soul. Get inspired, learn and take action to make a difference. Adina partners up with Mother Jungle, an organization focused on indigenous storytelling and conservation, and Bye Bye Plastic Bags, to teach sustainable practices and take action by cleaning up the local waterways with other local youth on the island of Bali.

First stop, Candidasa. A seaside town on the eastern coast of Bali. Here we will unwind and relax from the travel, whilst staying in a luxurious accommodation that has access to a private beach, yoga and meditation sessions, live music and entertainment. It is important to be fully recharged for the adventures lying ahead of us.

Be prepared to be immersed into the local culture by meeting and learning form the locals, opening your mind and eyes to a new world. During this transformation journey we will step into the lands of Indonesia and spend one of the mornings in Tenganan, a village in the regency of Karangasem in East Bali. Here we learn from an indigenous woman about organic farming, traditional medicine, and Balinese culture.

After which we will learn about the restoration efforts being made by the local community on the islands and Balinese coast. All the whilst cruising the Indian Ocean in a private catamaran, snorkeling and island hopping.

Other activities that form the uniqueness and sacredness of this trip are such as a visit to the scared Monkey Sanctuary Forest, the Bali Jungle Swing, sipping morning tea in a local Balinese village, the local markets, also learning how to handmake Canang Sari, a Balinese traditional offerings and blessings.

Part of this majestic journey will lead us to the mountains of Ubud, where we start the morning in a purification ceremony with a Balinese healer and explore the rice fields and ancient temples such as the Gate of Heaven.

During this experience learn from our local guide the importance of these UNESCO world heritage sites. We’re going to end the day dipping our toes in the infinity pool of the hotel, overlooking the rainforest. Perhaps a Balinese spa in between with a massage and flower bath!

After seeing the fascinating beauty of the Indonesian sea, as an impact-maker we will take action in helping to clean up the beaches from harmful plastic and learn about the local efforts in reducing plastic pollution in Bali.

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