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Stellar Members Stories

Read some of our impact-makers inspiring interviews in which they share their journey to create a company with soul and purpose to bring real value to the world.

Our Values

Mindful of making a positive impact in our society and environment.

You have a cause and to make a bigger impact, we need YOU to become one of us!

Timeless products and services that are sustainable over time.

Harmony of a collective well-being, and that of everything around us.

What moves us

Myth was born with the purpose of creating a better world through the connection between entrepreneurs who join forces to grow collectively and sustainably through their talent, values and a common vision.

With the aim of generating a greater impact and go far together to places we can’t get on our own, we have created this circular movement to bring opportunities and empower the brilliant, creative and generous minds who create projects with soul and purpose.

Amber y Carolina