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“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”
Winston Churchill

Our guests in today’s Stellar Talk is a company that fully embraces this motto. Natpak is a packaging company based in Hong Kong that works with international brands around the world, creating innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. Natpak’s story shows us that change is possible, even if you have been rooted in the industry for 43 years!

Kinsen and Clarence from Natpak walks us through their journey to sustainability and their ambition to make it far. They also gave us a lot of insights to what entrepreneurs should think about on making packaging sustainable, how do they help clients balance between sustainability and cost.

Throughout the interview we learnt how important the construction of the packaging can help companies be more sustainable whilst driving cost-efficiency at the same time, and why recycle engineering is a key driver to sustainability.

If you haven’t checked out Natpak’s Stellar Story interview you can read it here.