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Guide & Template: Build a strong network aligned with your values and business goals

By July 1, 2021July 16th, 2021No Comments

Networking is seen as one of the most cost-effective and highest ROI initiatives to grow a business and build partnerships. But how to build a network that can be rewarding financially and personally?

As an entrepreneur you are a constant problem solver and opportunity maker for your own business. Opportunities come when you build a network with intention but it can be tricky to measure the tangible benefits of networking.

From our experience in building business communities for years, we have identified the key steps to create a functional business network that really works for you when you need it.

This guide is desgined to help you build a strong network aligned with your values and business goals.

Take this 5 steps to analyze your own business network


1. Reflect:

What industry are you in, key activities of your business and what are your key skillsets.

2. Map out Strong Ties:

Identify the people that you work closely with and map them by sector, skill set and place of origin.

3. Identify gaps & Get creative:

Look for weak ties by starting from people that you work with but are loosely connected, then expand your imagination to “what if” situations.

4. Stay true to self: 

Be surrounded by people that do not conflict with your personal beliefs, the core value of your business, and the ethics that you hold firm of.

5. Plan and keep track: 

Design an action plan to tactically ensure that you start tracking what business connections you make and how they could potentially relate to your business.

How to put these steps together to build your network? 


Start creating your business network with this step by step guide to set up an action plan!