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28 January 2021 was a very important milestone for us. After months of brainstorming and preparation, we finally had our very first meet-up with our pilot Stellars. Looking back at that day, we were extremely nervous yet excited to meet everyone.

We did not know what to expect, whether our pilot Stellars would turn up, would they be involved. But one thing was for sure, this was a dream come true for us!

Due to the pandemic, we had to change plans several times. Plan A was a wonderful launch with expert sessions and networking opportunities to really meet everyone. By the time we were ready for this, travelling was almost impossible with border closures.

Plan B was to have an intimate event with a few Stellars that could join us personally in Madrid for some drinks and nibbles, whilst we could hook up the webcam and meet everyone else online. One day before the event, it was announced that no gatherings were allowed anymore. Last minute, we had to cancel the catering and try to find a place that we could do a fully virtual event. No panic… 🙂

Plan C, a virtual meet-up was what we finally settled for. As many times as we have done community webinars with hundreds of people and multi-day events with a whole hotel venue filled up, this was our baby that we had spent months in putting together from idealization to pilot.

It turned out to be a remarkable virtual meet-up. We had everything! Technical issues (As you always do! No matter how many hours spent testing). Last minute no shows, also last minute confirmations! Special guests – next generation of our Stellars! It was an evening that we felt extremely blessed to be surrounded by the enormous drive and dedication from our Stellars. Your determination to make a better and more beautiful world gave us a lot of energy and courage.

We wanted to keep a piece of this memory in our treasure box so that every now and then when we need a motivation boost we can look back at this day. Each of these faces below, are the ones that helped us start this movement as a pilot Stellar and we are forever grateful to have began this journey with you.

Thank you for starting this movement with us.
Let's grow and make impact together!