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Guide & Tool: 5 Steps to Smart Resources & Huge Impact

By July 1, 2021July 8th, 2021No Comments
We’re often confronted with the challenge about how a business can make a bigger impact in the way it operates. It’s a huge task to only have positive impact to the environment in our daily lives, let alone running a business!
As an entrepreneur that strives to make a larger impact, we are always seeking ways to make this world more sustainable and beautiful.
But, how can we use our business resources in a smart way to maximize our impact without creating an elevated financial burden?
These key steps will guide you to embed and take actions in your business processes, no matter what you do! 


5 Steps to Smart Resources & Huge Impact (With a simplified production process)


For this exercise, we will use a made up practical case study: The Myth’s homemade vegan cookie brand

Step 1:

Map out all your areas of impact and measure them (positive, negative, neutral)

Supplies: I use ingredients from my local wholefood store that source bio and organic dried and fresh ingredients. I go there once a week by car and get all I need.
Production: I make my cookies in batches in my kitchen and pack them in lovely mason jars.
Sales: I sell my cookies within my community and personally deliver them to my customers within 24h
Area of impact and measurements:
  • Buying Locally. Impact = Positive!
  • Packaging (Buy ingredients in my own containers and using reusable jars for cookies). Impact = Neutral
  • Emission of my car (For ingredient shopping and deliveries). Impact = Negative
  • Electricity consumption for baking. Impact = Negative


Step 2: Take steps to work on the largest area of impact.

Priority 1: Emission of my car. Long term solution is to change my car from diesel to electric/hybrid will help a lot, but I cannot afford to do so yet.

In the meantime I can plan my trips to the shops and routes smarter to reduce my emission at no additional cost. It might even save my gas money! I decide to implement two new policies:
1. I add a consumption tracker to all my ingredients in storage, that will help me plan out how long the ingredients will last and how many batches I have left.

I realize that since I use a lot of dried ingredients so I can make my trip to the shop every two weeks instead.

2. After surveying my customers, I realized that 60% are willing to wait beyond 24h for their cookies. So, I offer a new delivery option for customers that are happy to receive their cookies within 3 days with a 5% discount.

My customers know they are making a positive impact and are receiving a discount at the same time, win-win!

Step 3: Analyse what needs to be done for each and PRIORITISE!

Priority 2: Electricity consumption for my production.

My long term solution is to install a solar panel on my rooftop. Whilst it is expensive, I cannot find any interim solutions, so I plan to save up for this in 2 year’s time. It will also benefit my electricity bill and is a worthwhile investment for the long run!
So my plan is to start preparing for this from today:
  • Start looking for the best supplier of solar panels and understand what it means to do so in my building
  • Try to calculate the investment and potential long-term savings to work out the best plan in doing so
  • Start putting aside some revenue to save up for this investment


Step 4:Review your actions and keep moving to improve

Remember, no one and no business is perfect. For your business to be sustainable over time is the only way we can ensure that we continue to make positive impact.


Step 5: Repeat!

The important thing is to keep making progressive and strategic steps with the resources you have, and keep repeating this exercise over time!


This strategic planner will help you to use smart resources and make a bigger impact today!