A community that sets out to grow sustainable businesses

Co-existing under the same sky yet each of us have our own orbits and paths, makes each community member a stellar (and figuratively, representing excellence)

Get Advice

The journey of running a responsible and sustainable business is not easy, no one understands the thought process and challenges better that those that have been there.

Get advice from other stellar members that have been in your shoes too!

Lend a Hand

Being part of a community means helping each other out when someone is in need. Sometimes it is difficult to find the right help, whether it is a helping hand with some work, a need for some space, or even a connection in another country.

The reward is satisfaction and encouragement to others, that money cannot buy.

Learn and Exchange

Champion collaboration! Give back by helping others learn, contribute to an article or webcast, exchange ideas and experiences. What you take for granted might be invaluable to others!

Tell us about your culture, lessons learnt, your area of impact.

Stay Connected

Through regular communication, we keep each other posted, like friends do. Read the latest updates, meet new stellars, hear about new projects and initiatives.

Or even better, join our discussions and unique get-togethers!

Innovate and Collaborate

Meet like-minded business owners in different sectors and discover new opportunities to grow your business. Be it a new vendor, collaboration or even a completely new venture.

Be part of a network that share the same values and common goals!

Global Network

Communicate and collaborate in an open environment of cultural diversity. Absorb cultural intelligence and local market knowledge, tools that will help you to expand your business internationally.

Diverse cultural perspectives inspire creativity and drive innovation!

Become a stellar today