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Stellar Talk with Macarena Chiriboga

How to create your own reality

Calibrating your energies of creativity and creation

Join our next live Myth Event: Stellar Talk with Macarena Chriboga, the mastermind behind the Quantum Creativity Flow Method for a session designed for impact-making entrepreneurs, to help you create your own reality and grow in life and business.

Macarena will guide us through the path of mess and stress, to connect with our inner soul and purpose to embrace the chaos and create more energy to move forward towards freedom and joy.

Join us to learn about:

• The Subconscious mind: How our brain programming dictates our thoughts, habits, actions and whole being.

• Unblocking limiting beliefs: How to dissolve and transform fear and negative thoughts into energy. Use limitations as a way to impulse our impact.

• The desire of non-desire: How to let go, trust and keep the excitement going.

• From think to action: How to let the mind flow, come up with ideas and projects that contribute to our purpose.

• From mess to magic: How to turn tension into creation- First I fell, then I see!

At the end of the session we will reserve time for a Q&A session, so come prepared with any questions you may have to start your transformation!

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When: 17 November 2021 (19h-20.30h CET)

Where: Virtual Live Event

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    About Macarena

    Macarena Chriboga is a bamboo architect, yogi and a ‘soulpreneur’ that inspires people to design their life and follow their dreams. One of her projects is the Quantum Creativity Flow Method, where Macarena help people follow their dreams to design a life project through a holistic method that integrates yoga, meditation, neuroscience, quantum physics and transformational techniques to reengineer our brains.

    Read more about Macarena here