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This is the story of a unique person that has no physical or mental borders, who sees the world as a white canvas of unlimited possibilities for human beings to create and become something greater than their selves. It is also the story of how MYTH was born so before you continue reading, be prepared for a read that comes from our soul.

Macarena Chriboga is a bamboo architect, yogi and a ‘soulpreneur’ that inspires people to design and follow their dreams. She lives a life with fierce determination and constant learning taking her to dream intensively and walk lightly.

As an architect, she was one of the pioneers in using bamboo as a sustainable material, starting with luxury housing projects and a school in Bali, expanding later with different projects in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, London and Spain.

As a restless soul, she’s constantly jumping into new projects with all her heart. The philosophy of bamboo, strength through flexibility, inspired her to create a life project called Amara Pura: human transformation experiences.

In the middle of a pandemic, when the world seemed to be falling apart, Macarena created Quantum Creativity Flow Method. A course to help people follow their dreams and design a life project through a holistic methodology that integrates yoga, meditation, neuroscience, quantum physics and transformational techniques to re-engineer our brains.

The concept of Myth was designed in this course. In July 2020, we felt the need to do something that is fully aligned with our passion and values, without a doubt we embarked on a magical journey that is impossible to describe with words.

But until we find a way, here is what happened!

We started by understanding how the brain works to have full control of our mind, silence our negative thoughts by letting go all the emotions and fears that are constantly limiting ourselves, being able to transform everything into a magnetic energy to attract whatever we want to achieve. Wow right? Then we discovered how to activate our creative genius, and from this alpha state of flow, we designed a blueprint; a project that is born from the heart, from visualizing what it is that you want to do every day to wake up in your dream. And here we saw Myth, our dream project for which we put everything we are good at and love to do to help unique brands with soul to expand their purpose and make a bigger impact.

Thank you Macarena, for your magic. This new dream is about to start, and we are beyond excited to have you inspiring our community of stellar brilliant minds.

You’re a women with many talents! Tell us a bit about all the different things you do in your work, what is your mission, where are you based?
So sweet thank you! Definitely my greatest mission is to inspire and create a better world for all. I am an architect focused in bamboo architecture.

“Bamboo has become one of my greatest teachers from which I have created my philosophy for living and designing:
Strength through flexibility.”

Macarena Chriboga , Founder of Amara Pura

Being an architect has taught me that we are not only designers of homes or structures. But all of us as humans are creators of our own reality, creators and designers of our own life. I have been practicing yoga, meditation and human transformation for the past 8 years. And all of this has come together in my project Amara Pura.

Amara Pura has become a studio of creation and human transformation. From creating experiences like retreats around the world, El Teatro de los Sentidos in Madrid, bamboo structures around the world and Quantum Creativity Flow an online program where we align with our Creative Genius and unique Soul Code.
We are a group of soulful creators with the deep desire to put our unique gifts in service of the world as we enjoy life at its fullest! Living with ease, grace and flow, as work and play become one! I like to think that everything I do is nomad! I was born in Ecuador, studied in the US, moved to Bali, then to Mexico and I am currently in Spain. I have never seen boundaries I think the world is our playground and we just go wherever my husband’s heart and mine desire!

What inspired you to become a ‘Soulpreneur’? How was the journey?

Definitely the desire to create from a place of alignment. Following a career path that aligned with my passions and purpose in life. Focusing greatly in how I could be of service and contribution to the world. I truly felt that what was missing in the world were projects that came from the soul. Projects that were aligned with the heart and passion of the people creating it and also with the needs of the world.

Tell us more about your life philosophy ‘The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists’. Putting on your architecture hat…

How is the creation process when you use a natural material like bamboo? What makes it so unique?
Each bamboo is different and so there will never be a structure that looks the same. Which makes it one of a kind! The natural imperfections of the material create the magic of the space! The way I describe it is Soulful Architecture! Always looking for the beauty of imperfection, the only thing that is truly real.

How can architecture be more sustainable? How do you keep the balance between sustainability and design?
The beauty of bamboo is that it is a grass which means that the house or structure is built with grass. Probably one of the most sustainable materials you can use. I always say that the only limit with bamboo is your creativity!
I believe the future of the world is going to be in the way we can go back to the origins of natural materials and use our imagination and creativity to use them in the most functional and beautiful ways. This is exactly my focus when designing with bamboo! Respecting each piece of bamboo in its natural state and allow it organically to transform and take shape into a beautiful space creating a unique atmosphere for the people experiencing it.
For me it is experiential architecture. I allow the material to speak to me before I design. This allows for its natural beauty to come out without me forcing it to become what I want!

Looking back at the journey so far, is there anything you would like to tell your past self that you wish you knew back then? A tip for the entrepreneur that is still thinking if they can do this!
To jump! We always want to wait for the perfect moment but that doesn’t exist. We always want to wait for perfection but that doesn’t exist. It is only our limiting mind putting excuses not to start. I believe we learn on the way, like riding a bicycle. This is why I always say jump with all your heart and your wings will open!

Many people describe your courses as magic. Your knowledge on how the brain works and your mission to help others to design the life of their dreams, has inspired the creation of Myth…How do think Myth can help sustainable companies that are looking to grow?
Ooohhhh que lindas!
I believe it is on passing on that magic into helping those companies continue to grow in true alignment with their purpose.
Sometimes we can think that growing the business means stepping out of the initial idea to go into what the market wants. And I think it is the other way around. The more we go back to the core and the soul of why the company started and the contribution they want to make in the world, the more they create the energy people want!
So helping them grow in alignment and giving them tools to help them expand reinforcing their message and the heart of the business. As Simon Sinek says: “People don’t buy what you do they buy WHY you do it.”

Finally, what are you most looking forward to in being part of the Myth community?
Would love to meet with people creating amazing sustainable companies. I think there is no greater energy than that of creation. And I think the greatest power is to connect with people who are also in the field playing the game especially with the greater mission to make the world a better place.