Myth is a community for businesses that place the environment and society at the core of its values.

We are a galaxy of stellar companies that inspire one another and work together in helping each other grow through education, experience sharing, peer-to-peer feedback. This enables us to place resources strategically where they should be to create sound and sustainable business processes and strategies.

Myth community members are stellar because they are simply second to none.

To flourish in a world full of confusing choices for consumers and make a positive impact in what we stand for, simply putting our product out there is not enough. We strive to amplify the impact of our businesses through collaborations, joining forces in projects, and working together for a good cause.

At Myth, although we are selective of what we produce and offer consumers, it does not mean giving up the qualities of life by limiting consumption and choices. Rather, true well-being lies in being close to the limitless possibilities nature has to offer and conserving them for the many generations to come.

You might be wondering what Myth stands for. Well, Myth stellar are…

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