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We have engaged in a series of conversations during March 2021 with experts from different disciplines around the mystical world of marketing on the online space. In each conversation we pinpoint how small and medium sized businesses (referred to as “SME” hereafter) with an impact and cause, can amplify their purpose and presence in online media. In this post we’d like to summarize the key messages.

If we were only allowed to use one word, it would be “authenticity“.

If you gave us a sentence, we want you to remember that: People don’t just buy your product, they buy it for who YOU are and what you stand for.

Consumers are more aware and ready to make the “right” choice, rather than the cheapest or most convenient choice. A quick recap on what consumer expect nowadays from our earlier discussion here. SMEs need to strategize a way to reach and communicate to their audiences thinking about their psychology, connecting with them emotionally and authentically, getting the essence of their brand through.

THE competitive advantage

The competitive advantage that SMEs can create is to create a human brand: A personal branding that represents you as a person, your beliefs and values behind the brand. Your ideal customer is attracted to what you stand for and do good whilst buying from you. Hear our chat with brand strategist Emily on more thoughts about that.


Whilst these are not the only tactics available, we curated a couple of practical tactics that Stellars can think about using when strategizing their approach in raising awareness of their brands in online media. All of them leverage on a tactic that immediately expands the potential audience of your brand in a manner that aligns with your values and beliefs and creates new, authentic relationships with your ideal customer.

Karmic Marketing

One of the tactics that we have been trying out and would recommend SMEs to consider is Karmic Marketing. Essentially, this means by promoting what good others do, people do the same to you in return. It doesn’t cost anything to show a little love to other brands that are doing awesome things, either on an IG story or a little section of “Things you are liking” in your newsletters, etc. At the same time, brands gain control against the odds of FB and IG algorithms that decide on your exposure (or non-exposure). Instead we rely on each other – human to human.

By doing it right, this type of cross-promotion:
1. Gives immediate expansion in each other’s reach [People that buy organic cotton T-shirts are likely to be drawn to organic tea based on a common value]2. To the right audience [You pick the brand that serves the same niche]3. Helps SME diversify their content in a meaningful and interesting way to retain the interest and keep their brands on top of people’s mind in between purchases, instead of repeating product content all the time.

As a strong believer in Karmic Marketing, Pete created Ampjar – a platform that gathers SMEs together, putting tags and categories that enable simple search for brands that are committed to give and receive support to each other. Watch our webinar with Pete here.

Influencer Marketing

When choosing a partner or influencer to work with, think from a value-driven mindset in whether it will bring real engagement, long-term relationships and personal connections. For those in two minds about whether working with influencers is right for your brand, a study ran by Talkwalker (a social media analytics company) with 800 marketing and PR professionals revealed some interesting facts about influencer marketing, some of them we found counterintuitive to what seems to be the “purpose” or “right way” to consider this tactic.

The next step would be to start considering what the main purpose of the campaign would be, and narrow down whether a macro or micro influencer would be more appropriate.

  Macro Micro
Followers Typically over 100k Typically between 1-10k
Feature Experienced influencer, works with wide ranges of brands. Takes general approach to “talk to” a very large audience. Well-known in his/her circle for a particular area of interest. Less experienced as an influencer than Macro, closer to their audience.
Audience Very broad and diverse audience Reaches niche audiences
Engagement Rates Lower engagement rate compared to Micro influencers, less customer credibility. However, provides brands with a wide reach and raises awareness to a much larger audience. A higher engagement rate compared to Macro influencers. Tend to build genuine, personal relationship with their followers.
Cost More costly Less costly
When working with… a Macro influencer, brands can ask for specific details and have most control on the campaign. As they are more experienced, the quality of the content may be higher. a Micro influencer may give brands less control over the campaign and might be more difficult to measure the return on investment. Whilst the quality of the content is something brands will have less control over, it tends to be more authentic as well.

Ethical Influencers is a platform that allows sustainable brands to place an “opportunity” and being exposed to over 1000 micro and macro influencers across the globe that share the same values in eco-consciousness to get in touch and create collaboration opportunities. To find out more about Ethical Influencers check out a quick deck that Besma put together for us, and if you would like to try them out we also have a discount code MYTH5 that will take GBP5 off any opportunities that you post.


There are many ways a brand can expand its online presence and for smaller brands it is very important to find the right ways to represent the personality of the brand. This can be done by re-strategizing your branding strategy to build a human brand that emotionally connects with your ideal customer and represents you and your values. There are also other tactics that brands can implement such as adopting Karmic Marketing to bypass passive social media algorithms by brands supporting each other; or looking at Influencer Marketing with the objective to engage with the right type of influencers that match the scope and goals of your campaign and build authentic brand-influencer relationships.

We are strong believers in finding the root cause of your concerns before delving into investments of what needs to be done. Sometimes the truth hides behind statistics and what seems to be the immediate reason to your less successful marketing campaign may not be the largest culprit. If you would like us to help you out in painting the picture of what the stats and graphs are telling you, or digging into the root cause of matters, reach out to us at info@mythimpact.com, we’re happy to speak to you!