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An ecosystem that brings together the only global network of entrepreneurs who put sustainability, design and impeccable quality at the heart of their business.


Discover new business opportunities and projects between impact-makers through our collaboration program.

Co-create a greater impact by joining forces with other sustainable businesses from different sectors and places around the world.

Grow as an entrepreneur by learning sources of inspiration to scale up your business with our library of curated content and online events.

How will you grow in Myth

Myth is an ecosystem that brings together entrepreneurs, and professionals seeking to grow and amplify their impact

When you decide to start a project to contribute the world, there is something that goes far beyond success.

The biggest challenge is keeping the balance between sustainability, quality, design and profit. 

MYTH is a meeting point for these entrepreneurs. Through a holistic movement they connect, find opportunities, share, learn and inspire each other.

Our five pillars work in harmony to create a virtuous circle of ongoing growth for you, your company and the world.


The movement starts in a meeting point where sustainable entrepreneurs from different sectors across the world join forces to create a better and more beautiful world.

A space where you can cultivate a strong network aligned with your values, and build connections that nurture sustainability, quality and design.


Connections take shape in our impact-makers atrium, a platform where you interact with other Stellar members to CO-CREATE.

Purposes become actions when we exchange ideas, knowledge, and dreams. We have designed a space where you can be in conversations and initiatives with exclusive access to virtual meetings, and unique experiences.


Coming soon

To create, you need the ideal partner or supplier that gives you confidence when starting a new business line or project, capable to work and execute according to your ethics, aesthetics, and quality standards.

In our business directory you will find a list of companies and experts that are carefully selected to ensure that they meet your requirements.


Once you connect with other entrepreneurs, a bi-directional collaboration begins allowing you to find opportunities to grow your company aligned with your mission.

Through our collaboration program you will be able to start interesting projects with other Stellar members. The program is designed with different types of collaborations for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.


Knowledge is what allows you to be in constant growth discovering new sources of inspiration and put yourself at the service of others.

In Myth you will have access to a library of curated content designed for sustainable business needs with practical resources such as workshops, panels with experts, toolkits and guides.

Our members say about Myth

Myth promotes my mission to help indigenous tribes.
Thanks to Myth I was able to get new customers and build a strong relationship with people who appreciate artisan products.

Daniela QuiñonesFounder, Armadillo

Myth focuses on bringing ideas and insights specific for entrepreneurs a cause and impact. I have picked up practical tips and inspirations from their content, that I didn't think of trying out before to keep bringing my business to the next level.

Lidia J.Founder of L&E London

It has been amazing to be part of a community of like-minded people from different disciplines but with the same values and aligned visions. We all share the passion to create a better world for all!

Macarena ChiribogaBamboo Architect & Founder of Amarapura

The Myth newsletter is a great source of information and inspiration for my busy schedule as a mother, entrepreneur with other work commitments. It allows me to gain insights on a weekly basis at a glance.

Stephanie ArocenaFounder of With Purpose

Myth has an amazingly supportive environment for empowering and encouraging entrepreneurs, we are glad to be a part of it!

Ilkem DurakCo-founder of Soluna

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Our Values

Mindful of making a positive impact in our society and environment.

You have a cause and to make a bigger impact, we need YOU to become one of us!

Timeless products and services that are sustainable over time.

Harmony of a collective well-being, and that of everything around us.

What moves us

Myth was born with the purpose of creating a better world through the connection between entrepreneurs who join forces to grow collectively and sustainably through their talent, values and a common vision.

With the aim of generating a greater impact and go far together to places we can’t get on our own, we have created this circular movement to bring opportunities and empower the brilliant, creative and generous minds who create projects with soul and purpose.

Amber & Carolina

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